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For Int'l Artists Day, Monesk launches art subscription service

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

DALLAS (PRNewswire) -- Monesk, a monthly subscription service featuring tiny desk art, was launched on Oct. 23 with the goal of making art more accessible as a tool for mindfulness while supporting the artists who make it.

Offering a convenient, affordable way to discover and experience art, the subscription service allows consumers to enjoy small, tabletop-sized prints in their homes or offices while also providing the option to purchase a full-size version of their favorite prints.

The company was born out of the COVID-19 experience, as Monesk founders discovered a need for reflection and meaningful distraction amid the atmosphere of solitude created by strict social distancing orders.

"Many people were unceremoniously launched into at-home work without the opportunity to create a mindful space for their work efforts," said Mark Bauer, co-founder of Monesk. "Our goal at Monesk is to provide the resources to make offices mentally comfortable by sharing art as an invitation to pause and reflect."

Central to Monesk's subscription model is a commitment to support emerging and independent artists. Through this partnership, Monesk community members are continuously exposed to new art, and artists are generously compensated for their work.

How Monesk works:

  • Each monthly delivery features a 4x6 print, the artist's bio, a brief description of the art, and a reflection— a series of questions to serve as thought starters and guide the user's experience.

  • Subscribers receive exclusive access to order the featured artist's full-size artwork through a members-only microsite.

  • Artists benefit from enhanced exposure and a generous commission structure. They receive up-front royalties during their featured month and earn a 70% commission split on larger-format sales.

  • Plans range from $8.54 to $9.54 a month, depending on the subscription duration.

Consumers can subscribe to Monesk at Use promotional code #TinyDeskArt at checkout to be among the first 100 subscribers to receive a free one-month subscription.

Artists who are interested in partnering with Monesk can access additional information here.

About Monesk

Monesk is a monthly subscription service featuring tiny desk art from emerging and independent artists. Through Monesk, art lovers and enthusiasts gain access to new pieces intended to inspire, encourage reflection, and beautify their spaces.

Follow Monesk on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. To learn more about Monesk, visit

SOURCES: Monesk; PRNewswire

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