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Fly free, my friend Peppa Pigeon

A beautiful pigeon visited us today and stayed on our balcony for hours.

Photo: Riz Pulumbarit

I called it "Peppa Pigeon" because our nephews and nieces like the animated TV series "Peppa Pig." My husband Riz called it "Twitter."

We couldn't decide which name was better but a game of rock, paper, and scissors settled the score: Peppa Pigeon it is.

Birds have been stopping by our balcony more often since a community lockdown was enforced in March this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At first, we thought Peppa wouldn't stay long because other birds usually stay at the balcony of our condo in Bonifacio Global City for short visits only.

But Peppa stayed on our balcony for about 10 hours. It didn't leave even when it started raining hard.

Riz and I Googled what to do when a pigeon picks your place to rest.

The Pigeon Rescue website says racing pigeons are strong and muscular but they can get lost or injured.

Based on the photos of birds on that website, it appears that Peppa is a feral pigeon.

"Feral pigeons are well adapted to cities, suburbs and rural areas. Unless you find an injured feral pigeon or an orphaned baby, wild pigeons should generally be left alone to live as wild birds," the website suggested.

We also consulted our friends, including one who is a vet.

Earlier in the day, Riz placed two bowls near Peppa, one had water, the other, rice grains. Riz says rice was the favorite food of Tweety, the pet pigeon their family had about 30 years ago.

In the evening, Riz's friend Jorev advised him to give Peppa electrolyte water. Jorev was worried that Peppa had an injured wing. However, when Riz approached Peppa, it flew away.

We live on the top floor of our condo building and Riz said Peppa seemed healthy and uninjured as it dived down to the pool area in a swift and majestic manner.

Bye for now, Peppa. Fly free and do come and visit us again sometime.

Birds in cages

When I was little, I didn’t like looking at birds inside cages as I felt sad for them.

Once, after Sunday Mass, we saw a man selling little birds inside bamboo cages. Dad bought one for us but as soon as we arrived home, he said we need to set the bird free after feeding it. I asked him how the bird would eat if we set it free (I thought they were like dogs that have to be fed regularly). But Dad said the bird could easily find its own food and that it would be better to set it free. It’s like a reversal of roles now. The bird lives free outside and I am in a “cage” inside the condo due to the COVID-19 pandemic. May the pandemic soon be over so that we can all live freely, happily, healthily again. May God bless and protect us all.

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