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Dutch Design Week to feature 3D exhibits from designers worldwide

BRUSSELS (PRNewswire) -- Design jewelry made with charcoal, modular lighting systems with remote control functions to customize the ambience of your surroundings, backpacks made of mycelium skin (a fungus organism): sustainability, customization and a strong incorporation of technology are the key drivers to the new generations of European designers who, under the Worth Partnership Project, an initiative funded by the COSME program of the European Union, will take part in the Virtual Dutch Design Week.

From October 17 to 23 on the WORTH YouTube channel, 7 amazing videos will show how European designers have interpreted themes such as circular economy, digital production, use of high performance materials, social innovation and craftsmanship 4.0 on real products.

In addition to these initiatives, live on the WORTH Partnership Project YouTube channel, there will also be a series of exclusive webinars:

On October 19 at 4:00 p.m., the British Council will elect the most sustainable fashion project at the "Sustainable Makers Award 2020"

On October 20 at 12.00 p.m., on the topic of "Design your Creative Business" conducted by WORTH mentors and marketing experts, Silvia Zancarli and Janos Keresnyei, together with designers Zuzana Kralova and Zerobarracento will talk about the challenges faced by small creative businesses and how to face them through the development of a realistic marketing plan.

On October 21 at 11.00 a.m., David Parrish, creative industries expert, will present a quick and inexpensive way to test markets, learn and adapt during the webinar "The Minimum Viable Product (MPV) for Innovative Diversification".

On October 23 at 3.00 p.m., with the event on "Protect your brand identity" featuring Anna Maria Stein, a lawyer with international experience, Gaetano Grizzanti, CEO of UNIVISUAL Brand Consulting, university professor, and designer Simina Filat, who will help participants understand how to build a brand identity, make it a strategic asset while protecting it.

WORTH Partnership Project is Europe's largest creative incubator, with 152 selected projects involving 345 partners from 34 EU-COSME countries -- from France to Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, as well as the Netherlands, Slovenia, Moldova, Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Montenegro, Serbia, etc.

This European Commission project is a unique laboratory where European designers can experience the benefits of transnational collaborations and the participation of more than 500 million people in an internal market.

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