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Computer History Museum launches Tech for Humanity prize with $100K in awards

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (PRNewswire) -- Computer History Museum (CHM), with support from The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, unveils the inaugural Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Prize.

Photo by Prateek Katyal from Pexels

The prize will be awarded to changemakers who are creating a better future by addressing the grand challenges of our digital age in areas such as environmental sustainability, economic development, and social justice.

The selection committee includes remarkable individuals who have made notable contributions in technology, business, media and the arts, academia, and public service, including: social robotics innovator and MIT professor Cynthia Breazeal; Pixar cofounder and Oscar-winner Ed Catmull; media executive and DLD conference founder Steffi Czerny; tech media pioneer and health advocate Esther Dyson; ethernet coinventor and entrepreneur Bob Metcalfe; technology futurist and author Paul Saffo; China venture finance pioneer and founding chair of IDG Capital Hugo Shong; and, award-winning journalist and media entrepreneur Carlos Watson.

The award honors the legacy of visionary business leader and technology publisher Patrick J. McGovern (1937-2014), the founder of IDG, a global media company with more than 300 print publications including ComputerWorld, Macworld and PC World. He was years ahead of his time in recognizing that technology can be used to democratize information, accelerate human achievement, and solve our greatest challenges.

"Pat McGovern's life's work embodies the Museum's vision of technology in service to humanity," said Dan'l Lewin, CHM President and CEO. "As a pioneer in tech journalism, a successful entrepreneur, and a humanitarian, his unparalleled impact serves as an inspiring model for those of us seeking to meet today's global challenges. Building on Pat's involvement as an inaugural trustee of the Museum in 1982, we are proud this prize in his name will help fulfill CHM's mission to harness technology to shape a better future for everyone."

Anyone around the globe in any field pursuing creative and meaningful projects that examine, interpret, develop, or apply technology to shape a better future for humanity may apply.

Changemakers will be selected for their past contributions, the potential impact of their proposed project, and their future potential to transform our world for the better. Projects chosen will be wide-ranging in their audience, medium, and target impact. For example: a pathbreaking publication on AI and ethics; a suite of online digital education resources for girls in developing countries to advance STEAM knowledge and skills; or a documentary film on innovation in technology and sustainability.

Two individuals will each be awarded a $50,000 honorarium and will be named as distinguished "Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Changemakers at CHM" for a residency of up to eight months (virtual or onsite, as conditions allow), from May through December 2021.

They will receive special access to the Museum's unparalleled collection, in-house experts, and extensive network to help advance their work. In addition, one luminary will be honored for significant impact in creating a better future for humanity through technology.

"Patrick J. McGovern inspired many with his optimism and vision for what is possible with technology," said his son and selection committee member Patrick McGovern. "We're excited to recognize both the luminaries and rising stars of tech for good in his name."

Prize applications will be accepted between January 15 and March 28, 2021. The Patrick J. McGovern Tech for Humanity Changemakers will be announced on April 28, 2021.

About the Computer History Museum

In the four decades since its founding, the Computer History Museum (CHM) has grown to become the leading museum exploring the computing past, digital present, and future impact of technology on humanity.

CHM decodes technology for everyone to shape a better future. From the heart of Silicon Valley, we share insights gleaned from our research, our events, and our incomparable collection of computing artifacts and oral histories to convene, inform, and inspire people to build a better world.

About the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation

A global, 21st century philanthropy, the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation is committed to bridging the frontiers of artificial intelligence, data science, and social impact. The Foundation invests in the exploration, enhancement, and development of AI and data science for good.

SOURCES: Computer History Museum; PRNewswire

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