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Chinatown Museum features #ArtistsAtHome

Chinatown Museum in Binondo, Manila remains closed as the General Community Quarantine is still being enforced in Metro Manila due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the museum is featuring #ArtistsAtHome who are creating art while remaining in quarantine at home.

On its website, the Chinatown Museum said, "We are living through unprecedented events in history! If you have stories to tell that document these events through art, journals or other creative endeavors (ex. writing, stories,recipe, activities), we would love to share them on our page!"

The museum said submissions may be sent to:

On its Facebook page, the Chinatown museum featured some #ArtistsAtHome:

Chinatown Museum

The Chinatown Museum opened in July 2019 to share the visual story of Binondo district in Manila as the world's oldest Chinatown.

The museum noted that Binondo, initially called “Binundok” because of the low hills in the area, had its first heyday in 1600-1800.

At that time, "Binondo was the Philippines’ commercial hub and the world’s crossroads. It began on an island belonging to the ancient trading town of Tondo, as a Dominican parish for the large Chinese community, and as a merchants’ quarter," the museum said.

Many Chinese chose to reside and do business in Binondo, which earned the nickname "Chinatown."

The museum said Binondo had its second heyday from the 1860s to the 1930s as people from different countries -- Spain, Germany, France, US, and UK -- opted to do business in Binondo.

"Over time, Binondo has been many things. Here arose our many firsts: pharmacies, theaters, panciterias, department stores, and, in 1892, the revolutionary Katipunan. However, one thing remains constant: Manila was a global city because of its pivotal role in international trade," the museum said.

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