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Carnegie Museum of Natural History launches new virtual experiences

PITTSBURGH (PRNewswire) -- Carnegie Museum of Natural History announces the launch of a growing library of virtual experiences, including four virtual field trips, available to educators and individuals around the world.

Experiences are available now, with more products slated in the months ahead, to meet the growing demand for high-quality, educational online programming.

The virtual field trip of the world premiere exhibition Dinosaur Armor, released in fall of 2020, is already well-received by teachers and students alike. "The field trip today was awesome! The kids enjoyed it, were engaged, and had fun," said Jane Camp, Supervisor of Student Events at PA Cyber, "It was one of the best virtual programs I have seen so far."

"Our goal was to offer digital counterparts to our most popular onsite experiences," said Laurie Giarratani, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning. "I'm so impressed with the ingenuity displayed by our educators and their creative solutions for bringing these personal, onsite programs to life virtually. Listening to input from teachers, parents, and kids helped us create the best experiences possible. We are truly bringing the museum to your computer, tablet, or phone."

In addition to Dinosaur Armor, groups can take virtual tours of the museum's Halls of Wildlife and Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt, or join expert naturalists at Powdermill Nature Reserve, the museum's environmental research center. Groups can book via the museum's Virtual Field Trips webpage, and individuals interested in joining a group can find upcoming dates in the museum's event listings.

Hour-long virtual group programs feature Guest Experts who lead groups in themed activities tailored to the needs of each group that books a program. All Guest Expert programs are based on broad themes including Dinosaurs, Ancient Egypt, and Animal Tales.

The museum's virtual experiences library also includes birthday parties and weekly Live Animal Encounters.

Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, is among the top natural history museums in the country.

SOURCES: Carnegie Museum of Natural History; PRNewswire

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