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BroadcastHER Summit: First-ever virtual summit for women in streaming, gaming

WASHINGTON (PRNewswire) -- 1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF), a national nonprofit that supports the dreams of talented young women in need, announces its first-event BroadcastHER Summit for women in streaming, gaming and esports on October 17-18.

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

In partnership with Twitch, the two-day virtual event will exclusively stream on 1DF's Twitch Channel, featuring a diverse line-up of talented women content creators and industry thought leaders along with live performances by SavingMusicLIVE, a Twitch Channel devoted to supporting charity through music.

1DF launched their BroadcastHER Initiative in 2018 specifically to support underserved women content creators who stream.

While women represent nearly 50% of gamers and are rising in influence in the esports industry, they still face hurdles including gender gaps in salaries and prize earnings and a lack of financial support to fund their creative projects.

"It is our hope that our first-ever BroadcastHER Summit, part of our BroadcastHER Initiative for our growing community passionate women content creators and gamers, will help empower all the talented women in this industry to reach their individual gaming and streaming goals in even bigger ways," 1,000 Dreams Fund Founder and CEO Christie Garton says.

Through programs like the 1DF's Twitch BroadcastHER Grant Program, which awards microgrants to up-and-coming women content creators twice per year for items like hardware and equipment upgrades or participating in educational conferences, to their BroadcastHER Academy (powered by Allied Esports & HyperX), an Esports Fellowship Program for Women, 1DF seeks to empower the rising numbers of female streamers, content creators and esports enthusiasts to succeed both on and behind the camera.

"I'm excited to participate in the BroadcastHER Summit because it's a powerful event where we can inspire and help other women in gaming and streaming achieve our dreams together, says opening keynote speaker and Founder of Enlight, Eunice Chen. "With this event, 1,000 Dreams Fund has created access to knowledge and encouragement which are key steps in pursuing lifelong improvement and learning."

Registered attendees will have access to the event video-on-demand link after the Summit as well as the ability to ask questions to be answered live during each panel, and get the digital resources to help reach their dreams in esports, gaming, and broadcasting provided by 1,000 Dreams Fund and its partners. Additionally, 12 Summit registrants will randomly be selected to win a HyperX Cloud Alpha Headset, provided by BroadcastHER Summit Sponsor HyperX. 

"HyperX is happy to be supporting the BroadcastHER Summit, as well as gaming communities and esports of all kinds. At HyperX, We're All Gamers," says Wendy Lecot, Head of Strategic Alliances and Digital Marketing Innovation at HyperX.

To register for the BroadcastHER Summit, tickets can be purchased for $5 through Saturday, October 17 at 2 p.m. EST or 11 a.m. PST on Eventbrite.

1,000 Dreams Fund's BroadcastHER Summit Full Line-Up:

Saturday, October 17:

  • Opening Keynote by Eunice Chen, Founder, Enlight

  • Building Your Brand and Finding Your Niche with Ashnichrist, Storymode Bae, SirKatelyn, Nega Oryx, Mischacrossing, and Krystalogy

  • Networking 101 with Trisha Hershberger, Cupahnoodle, Munchkindoom, SweetAnita, and nessa meow meow

  • Using The Skills You Learn While Streaming Outside of Going Live with Persia_xo, TheStrangeRebel, Cuddle_Core, MsAshRocks, and Askesienne

  • Developing Yourself Professionally Brought To You By Hitmarker

Sunday, October 18:

  • Mental & Physical Health in Gaming, Broadcasting, & Esports with Mxiety, FrankthePegasus, Megkaylee, playwithjambo, and AmberGlowYoga

  • Inclusion & Diversity in Gaming, Broadcasting, & Esports with Mojojojo_97, PleasantlyTwstd, YoBrandii_, and Mad_Madame_Em

  • Dealing with Harassment While Being Beautifully You with Deere, CtrlAltQuin, MermaidQueenJude, ThatNerdViolet, and LuxieGames

  • Accessibility in Gaming, Broadcasting, & Esports with RadderssGaming, LunahBat, Jessie Hall of AbleGamers, and TiffanyWitcher

  • Closing Keynote by Kishonna Gray, Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication and Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago

With performances October 16 - 18 by SavingMusicLIVE.

About 1,000 Dreams Fund

1,000 Dreams Fund (1DF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the dreams of talented women in high school, college, graduate school and beyond. 1DF believes that big expenses should never stand in the way of big dreams. Since its launch in November 2015, over $200,000 in funding has been granted to talented young women in need, helping them pay for the "extras" in school like study abroad, tech devices for the classroom and travel to conferences and seminars. 1DF has been featured in, USA Today, MarketWatch, Forbes, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Entrepreneur, TODAY and others. To learn more about 1DF, visit

About HyperX

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