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Award-winning filmmaker releases graphic novel 'The Revolution of Cassandra'

MINNEAPOLIS (PRNewswire) -- Filmmaker Eric D. Howell announces his newest foray into storytelling with a graphic novel based on an award-winning screenplay of the same title, "The Revolution of Cassandra."

The full color, 230-page, novel tells the story of Cassandra, a patchouli-wearing humanitarian, caught in the crossfire of a raging civil war, who must save her tomboy sister from the firing squad by beseeching help from a right-wing gun-smuggler and inadvertently starts her own revolution.

"The Revolution of Cassandra" will be released online in six volumes. The first volume is now available to download for free at A complete hardcover edition will be available for purchase in early 2021.

"In mythology, Cassandra was granted the gift of clairvoyance and the curse that nobody would believe her," says Howell. "Throughout history, people in power have diminished and created systems against the voices of women, minorities, and the poor as a way to retain control. We have entered a time where those voices will no longer abide being denigrated and unheard – we have entered the Revolution of Cassandra."

The novel served as an inspiration for Howell's friend and Grammy Award-winning musician, Amy Lee of Evanescence, as she was writing her band's new song, "Use My Voice." The song's video, directed by Howell, has been viewed more than two million times since its premiere in August.

"Eric told me about the graphic novel, and at the time, I had only written the first part of the song," Lee recalls. "The song and the novel seemed like they were from the same world. This story is about honor, courage, fighting for justice, peace in a broken world, and most of all, hope for a better future."

Howell has partnered with Republic Restoratives Distillery in Washington, D.C. to introduce Purpose Rye. Each bottle sends a donation directly to Fair Fight Action which protects free and fair elections. Purpose Rye is available for order online via Schneider's of Capitol Hill.

About Eric D. Howell His most recent feature film, "Voice from the Stone," starred Emilia Clarke and featured a closing title track "Speak to Me," performed by Amy Lee of Evanescence. His work can be seen at

SOURCES: The Revolution of Cassandra; PRNewswire

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