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Author Liza Gino's book on comfort women wins two awards

SAN FRANCISCO (PRNewswire) -- The Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards announced on December 15, 2020 that Imelda's Secret, a new novel by award-winning author Liza Gino, is the winner in its women's interest category.

This is the second award Gino received for the same novel. Two weeks earlier, Gino won first place for Historical Fiction at the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

The novel, Imelda's Secret, took 15 years to complete and launched last November 20, 2020.

Imelda's Secret is a historical fictional novel about the experiences of young girls and women who were abducted and forced into sexual slavery during the World War II. They were also known as "Comfort Women." This atrocity of systematic abuse and human trafficking was not exclusive to the Philippines but also to over 30 countries, including China and Korea.

Liza Gino

Gino responded, "I am deeply grateful for receiving these awards from Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for the Women's Interest Category and Royal Dragonfly Book Award for first place in the Historical Fiction category. I want to thank my team - editors: Bianca Andrea Collver, Ana Treñas, Raymond Lo; contributors: Pastor Rozita Lee, Miho Kim, Judith Mirkinson, Jeannie Celestial; artists: Angeli Lata and Maria Isabel Lopez; model and adviser: Yolanda Ortega Stern; publicists: Lorna Lardizabal Dietz and Elton Lugay; media partner: Arnold Pedrigal; musical composer: Roger Neil; my family: Margaux Bushong, Johann Joson, Jason Gino, Norma Contreras, Elmalie Neil; community bridge builders: Lila Pilipina, Sharon Cabusao-Silva, UPAASF, Sonia Delen, Letty Quizon, Jaime Cortes, Eric Golangco, Esther Misa Chavez, Evelyn Andamo, Edwina Aniag, Jun Nucum, Francis Espiritu, Jose Bondoc, Rose Mary Miguel, Anna Menor, Daz Lamparas, Tony Robles, Cha and Rico Nicolas, Kirk Folgers, Veronica Leighton, James Nash, Jose Peralta, Hon. Jim Navarro, Fr. Geoffrey Baraan, Odette Keeley, GKFS, Abe Angeles, Justin Angeles, Anne Mae Angeles Sacdalan, Rotary Club of Daly City and Colma Evening, Dr. Richard Kempis, Willie Santamaria, Rick Chinn, Hon. Evelyn Chua, Maxx Li, Kevin Lu, Linda Nietes-Little, PAWIS, Felwina Opiso-Mondina, Nel Capistrano Messersmith, Kimberly Nguyen, Tam Ngo, Paul Ostrowski, Dr. John Grubbström, Dr. Allan & Edwina Bergano, Mohinder S Mann Esq., and Dominique & Abby Paclibar."

Gino also stated, "Through their support and contributions, we are bringing awareness to the plight of the Filipina 'Comfort Women.' Together, we hope to make everyone aware of this war crime and highlight everyone's responsibility to protect human rights."

Gino's mission is for Imelda's Secret to gain the exposure that would bring acknowledgment, validation, and respect on a global scale surrounding "comfort women's" stories. The novel's main characters, Imelda and Gloria's fictional tales give prominence to the true saga of the actual victims of war, so that their sacrifices are no longer a buried secret.

The book is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and in paperback at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Target,, Philippine Expression Bookshop and Imelda's Secret website. Autographed copies are available at Imelda's Secret website.

About Imelda's Secret

Based on real-life accounts, Imelda's Secret brings into focus the horrors of World War II as experienced by two cousins.

The "comfort women's" brutal history began when they were abducted from their families, forced into sexual slavery, and stripped of their dignity. Forever emotionally scarred, the "comfort women" struggled with the trauma caused by the systemic barbaric subjugation. Imelda's Secret exposes the experiences of "comfort women" and their secret shame, hoping to spark awareness and advocacy in all who read it.

SOURCES: Liza Gino; PRNewswire

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