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Art Challenge: Creative gifts for Father's Day

Tired of giving shirts or socks to your Dad or husband on Father's Day?

Sometimes, it's great to create our own gifts or give something that's unusual but special.

This Father's Day, it is especially challenging to look for a gift because many areas are still in quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

See the photos of my gifts to my husband this year.

  • A coupon I made at home so that Riz can buy something he wants when he's free;

  • A Crate and Barrel flour sifter and an airtight flour container because Riz is a good baker, and

  • a "Riz Burger" that I created from his favorite breakfast items: skinless longanisa that I shaped into a burger patty; fried egg, and pandesal

Our story

I did what I could in the situation to prepare something special for my husband Riz. Some people who know us might wonder why I am getting my husband a Father's Day gift when we are "childless."

Actually, we do have a child in heaven. We have been married for 26 years and about a year into our marriage, I became pregnant. We were so happy as we were leaving the clinic of the obstetrician who confirmed that I was about six weeks pregnant. Sadly, I had a miscarriage shortly after and lost our child.

This is truly painful for us but a priest said that children who passed away through miscarriage have a special place in God's heart as they were unable to commit any sin.

God bless our child. God bless my husband and all fathers on Father's Day!

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